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Although for most of us in Western society, most of the time, life is meaningful, for some people life is very difficult to cope with. Problems can crowd us in through no fault of our own. There seems to be no escape; no light at the end of the tunnel. Someone dear to us has died, or we have things that we have never quite been able to talk to anyone about properly. In these situations counselling can often provide the answer. Even for things that appear to be impossible to put right, situations can be managed or symptoms alleviated.

For the rest of us, day-to-day issues are the priority. We want to give up smoking, lose weight ready for that important holiday, overcome our fear of flying, or any one of a dozen things that would help us get our life on track. These things are all routinely sorted out by having relaxing hypnotherapy sessions with a qualified hypntherapist.

Tilly's long experience in both counselling and hypnotherapy means that if you would like an initial chat she will be able to advise you about the best way to go forward. If the best answer is to approach your GP or other specialists, she will be able to point you in the right direction.

All services are provided by Tilly Storr PhD(Psych)

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